Daisy Jones & The Six Book Cover Designs

Sex. Drugs. Rock 'n' roll. What isn't to love about the fictional tale of Daisy Jones and The Six? Written by Taylor Jenkins Reid, this book reads like a Rolling Stone's extended interview with each band member giving their point of view. And as a critic wrote, it makes you wish their album was real so you could listen to it, knowing what you know.

So I wanted to give one of my favorite books the proper treatment. I dove headfirst into researching previous cover styles as well as fan art. Most all of them feature Daisy Jones. And while she's obviously the star, I felt there was much more to be done.

For one, the fictional album that made the band's fame skyrocket was titled "Aurora"; it was themed with the dawn/the sunrise. This was interesting because the rings of sunlit color also remind me of how we perceive audio waves: also in rings. In addition, Daisy Jones's image becomes synonymous with her hoop earrings and armfuls of bangles. Another circle.

Second, while a lot of nostalgia for the 60's and 70's leans into the psychedelic color scheme, I liked the hues of the yellow and oranges popular at the time. I wanted to play more with this. (These also happen to work well with a sunrise.)

Third, what's so interesting about this book is the allure of becoming famous while no one really knows what's going on in your head. I felt it was important to try teasing these characters as they're teased in the story; you feel like you know them but you never have the whole story.

With all this in mind, I drew a couple sketches of what I intended to try.

My rough sketches.

So my executions of each were close and I was glad I had tried options. For option A, I had actually intended on having a friend photographed to replace the graphic version of Daisy Jones. But the photographs didn't work out as I had hoped. And the ear I had attempted to create looked too flat.

For option B, the book title was distracting. While I wanted it to contribute to making the audio waves more obvious, it was not working. Someone in my class had suggested trying the type on the concentric circles. (They were SO right.)

And for option C, this was pulled from a scene in the book. It's the album cover where our two lead characters are juxtaposed in the desert, the sexual tension almost palpable. It needed a little more body as if posed toward each other.

R1 options A, B and C:

After some playing around, I think I nailed it. Option A came out strong, option B was an interesting backup and option C would be a great book cover to go along with Reese Witherspoon's streaming series (based on the book). It would be a re-release with new art.

Final artwork: